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Can Denso Tape be left exposed?

We provide a range of protective outwerwraps for mechanical and UV protection. Typically we use an Ultraseal Tape with an Acrylic Topcoat

Are you able to inspect the fitting after application?

The systems are non-setting, allowing an easy inspection. After inspection the system should be properly reinstated and additional tape wrapped over the inspected area.

Will the Denso systems prevent or fix leaks from the pipe / fitting.

The Denso systems are designed to externally protect the pipe / fitting from the effects of harmful corrosion. Is it not designed for leak repair.

Can Denso Tape be applied on to a already corroded pipe?

Denso Tape is surface tolerant, we ask that the surface is prepared to St2, any loose rust or coating to be removed. For pitted areas prime the area with Denso Paste.