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Denso Corrosion Protection for Tie Bars

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationSouth Africa
ProductsDenso™ Tape and Densopol 60™ Tape
DateApril 2008

Project Details

A local steel manufacturer approached Denso South Africa for a tie bar specification for corrosion protection of approx 1500 x 50mm tie bars which were to be wrapped at the manufacturer’s premises before being exported to Australia. The system comprises a Denso™ Petrolatum Tape inner layer and Densopol 60™ Tape as the outer layer.

Only once the order was received did we fully realise the challenges which lay ahead. Not only was the wrapping taking place over our Christmas / New Year shut-down period, but the 1500 wrapped tie bars were to be loaded into 40ft containers for shipping to “The East” without being damaged in transit. Two tie bar wrapping machines from the UK were airfreighted in and were pivotal in completing the wrapping successfully and on time.

An innovative method of protecting the bundled tie bars in transit was devised which ensured that they were not damaged during loading, shipping and installation. This was the first major tie bar project for Denso South Africa worth approx R900K with the promise for future orders.