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Denso Protal™ Field Joint Protection for APA EGP

Buried Coatings

Project Data

ContractorSpieCapag Lucas Joint Venture (SCLJV)
ProductsProtal 7200™

Project Details

The APA Eastern Goldfields Pipeline (EGP) is a 293 km 8” pipeline which transports gas from the existing APA’s Murrin Murrin Lateral Pipeline to AngloGold Ashanti’s Sunrise Dam and Tropicana Goldmines.

The pipeline is being used for fuelling gas fired power generation for the 2 sites. Dual layer FBE coated pipe was selected as the parent coating for steel and supplied through MRC Global. The steel was delivered to lay down sites along the pipeline route from Fremantle over the Christmas period.

SpieCapag Lucas Joint Venture (SCLJV) was awarded the construction of the pipeline in late October 2014 and SCLJV engaged Denso (Australia) for the supply of Field Joint and HDD Coating and Repair cartridges which were supplied in 400ml cartridges. The material was selected by SCLJV given the success of recent projects completed for the Jemena Looping Project and the QCLNG Upstream Project where the product proved itself to be a user friendly, high performance, high build epoxy coating system. The product is also manufactured locally providing fast turnaround and local employment in manufacturing.

Protal 7200™ has been supplied in 800 Litre kits to be utilised with SCLJV’s 3 purpose built coating rigs comprising plural pumps and generators for plural application of the Protal 7200. At its peak, coating crews were completing the coating of in excess of 435 girth welds per day using plural application. Tie-ins and repairs have adopted the use of 1 litre kits for manual application of Protal 7200 and 400ml dual repair cartridges.

In total the project saw nearly 30,000 Litres of Protal 7200 supplied on the project between March and July 2015.