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Denso Protection for Canada’s Banks and Stock Markets

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationToronto, Ontario
ContractorEngineered Coatings Ltd.
ClientEnbridge Gas and Hydro One
ProductsDenso Protal 7250™ and Densopol 60™ Tape
DateApril 2007

Project Details

Canada’s major banking and stock market data information is processed at IBM’s central processing terminal located just outside Toronto, Ontario.

The electronic information dealt with at this location on a daily basis is paramount to the success of the country’s financial markets and to its day to day banking operations. Having a continuous supply of electricity to this area is extremely vital.

Having a gas pipeline running underneath this electrical source makes the prospect of protecting both energy sources somewhat of a challenge.

Denso North America was asked by Enbridge Gas and Hydro One to provide optimum protection for several hundred feet of a 30inch diameter gas line located directly underneath the main electricity transmission lines. Enbridge Gas, who operates the pipeline, has one of the largest natural gas distribution networks in Canada.

Hydro One is the largest electricity supplier and distributor of power within the province. Both parties agreed that the coatings selected would be used as a safeguard against possible lightning strikes that could potentially arch from the transmission line to the gas pipe and cause a huge explosion.

After extensive independent testing of several manufacturers’ epoxies and tape wrapping systems, it was agreed by both energy supply companies that Denso Protal 7250 and Densopol 60 Tape be used to protect this crucial area.

Engineered Coatings Ltd., who are a local approved applicator of our Protal 7250 epoxy were contracted to do the work. This involved spraying 60mils of Protal 7250 on the pipe and then triple wrapping Densopol 60 Tape over the epoxy after it had cured.

The project and scope of this work went extremely well over a period of several weeks of hot summer weather. Upon the completion of the entire project, all involved were confident that even if we experienced significant lightning storms, electronic information would continue to flow without incidence thanks to the protection offered by the products manufactured by Denso.