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Denso™ Used on the Metolong Dam Project

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationSouth Africa
ProductsUltraflex 1250™, Densotherm HD™, Denso Weldbead Tape™, Denso Stoneguard™

Project Details

Denso South Africa supplied a pipeline project into the Kingdom of Lesotho which is an independent country within South Africa’s borders. Lesotho is well known for its spectacular Maluti and Drakensberg mountain ranges. It is a popular tourist destination, well known for its hiking trails, trout fishing and horse riding.

The Metolong Dam project will allow the government of Lesotho to meet their domestic and industrial water requirements up to the year 2020 and possibly beyond, through the provision of a treated water supply of up to 80ml / day.

Pipe diameters varied from 700mm dia down to 273mm dia with an average of 500 joints per pipe dia and a total of 112km of steel pipe.

Denso Ultraflex 1250 and Denso Weldbead Tape were recommended for the field joint repairs on the Sintakote pipe.

The Bituguard coated pipe extends from the Dam wall for approx 6km from where the smaller dia Sintakote pipe leads to the reservoirs. Our Densotherm HD system was used for the repairs of the Bituguard coated pipe.

We have also had our Denso Stoneguard System specified for the mechanical protection of the pipes due to the ungraded backfill.