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Densoclad™ Protection in Northwich Brinefield

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationCheshire, U.K.
ClientIneos Enterprises Ltd
ContractorMurphy Pipelines Ltd
ProductsDenso Profiling Mastic™, Densoclad 70™
DateApril 2008

Project Details

Murphy Pipelines Ltd (part of the John Murphy Group) carried out Phase 3 of a development project for Ineos Enterprises Ltd at Holford Brinefield, Northwich Cheshire.

The Densoclad 70™ Tape system was chosen to give protection in this corrosive environment to flange joints on air mains and well heads on the 1500m of pipework. Denso Profiling Mastic™ was used to smooth profiles and fill voids on the flanges prior to the tape wrapping.

Densoclad 70™ Tape consists of a thick polymer bitumen adhesive laminated to a tough plasticised PVC backing. These cold applied tapes are designed for the long-term protection of buried or immersed pipes and fittings.