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Densoclad System Protects Dow Corning Chemicals Process Pipes

Buried Coatings

Project Data

ClientUK Dow Corning Chemicals
ContractorBlastpride (Holdings) Ltd
ProductsDenso Primer D™, Densoclad 50™, Denso PVC Self-Adhesive Tape™
DateJuly 2012

Project Details

Blastpride (Holdings) Ltd of Cardiff have protected thirty pipe lengths, for a UK Dow Corning Chemicals plant, with a Densoclad Tape System. The 20″ diameter pipe lengths, which will be buried, are a mixture of six and eight metre lengths.

The pipes were first abrasive blast cleaned to Sa 2½ 50-75 profile and then spray coated with Denso Primer D. This was then followed by the application of Densoclad 50 Tape followed by a Denso PVC Self-Adhesive Tape outer wrap — all applied by wrapping machine.

Densoclad Tape is specifically designed to give maximum corrosion prevention to buried or immersed pipes and fittings and has outstanding resistance to cathodic disbonding.

Once the Denso protection was complete the pipe lengths were taken to the appropriate location and installed.