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Densopol Tape System Protects Outfall Pipeline

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationPerth, Australia
ProductsDensopol 80™ Tape and Denso Primer D™
DateAugust 2009

Project Details

Denso’s Densopol 80 Tape System was selected to protect the field joints on The Alkimos Outfall Pipeline situated 40km North of Perth, Western Australia.

The project is part of the Alkimos Wastewater Treatment Scheme and is an alliance between the Water Corporation and the private sector, being named The Alkimos Water Alliance.

The outfall pipeline is a 3.7km long 1270 Diameter MSCL Pipe, comprising 294 joints to be protected.

The Sintakote pipe supplied by Tyco Water is delivered to site and then a concrete weight coating is applied.

At the cutback area, Denso Primer D™ was first applied by brush/roller, followed by the Densopol 80™ Tape, spirally wrapped incorporating a 55% overlap.

This effectively gives a protective coating of 4mm (4000 microns) prior to the cutback area being in-filled with concrete.

The 3.7km long ocean outfall pipeline is buried up to 4 metres below the beach and sits in a trench on the seabed some 8-12 metres below sea-level. Towards the end of the pipeline the depth of water is between 25-30 metres.