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HoldTight® 102 – Flash rust Inhibitor

Exposed Surface Coatings

Project Data

LocationSouth Africa
ProductsHoldTight® 102 Flash Rust Inhibitor
DateSeptember 2005

Project Details

HoldTight® 102 Flash Rust Inhibitor was introduced in the South African industry by Denso South Africa (Pty) Ltd. HoldTight 102 is an additive that prevents flash rusting of wet abrasive and water blasted iron and steel surfaces and of blasted surfaces in a pressurised washdown.

It also removes chlorides and other salts and contaminants very effectively, holding the ideally prepared surface in pristine condition until the application of the selected lining/coating.

HoldTight 102 has been successfully used on the following projects:
• SA Navy Tank Refurbishment Project : Simonstown
• Mine Headgear : Rustenburg
• Sasol : Pipe Gantries
• Sasol : Sulphur Houses

HoldTight 102 is now regularly specified at between 50:1 and 200:1 dilution to remove soluble salts prior to the application of Archco™ tank linings and Denso ST™ Epoxy coating.