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Internal and External Denso Protection for Water Pipes in
Fiji Nadarivatu Renewable Energy Project (Sinohydro)

Buried Coatings

Project Data

ProductsDenso ST™ Epoxy, Denso Primer D™ and Densopol 80 HT™ Tape
DateJuly 2012

Project Details

Picturesque Fiji blessed with 332 magnificent islands, most with beautiful sandy white beaches, swaying coconut trees and pristine oceans is the scene for one of Denso Australia’s projects.

Far from the white sandy beaches in the green lush highlands, the Fijian government built a hydroelectricity station for which Denso provided products. External and internal coating products were supplied to protect the 1.6km (made up of 2250mm. & 1600mm.) freshwater pipe.

The pipe was grit blasted to Sa2. (with a blast profile of 50 – 70μm) externally and internally, the internals having a minimum blast profile of 65μm which was strictly adhered to. The first application was to stripe coat all weld seams using light grey Denso ST Epoxy (which has Potable Water Approval to AS/NZ 4020). This was followed by a full coat of the ST Epoxy at DFT of 250μm and allowed to cure. The second application was another stripe coat to all the weld seams and then a further full coat of the ST Epoxy in white at a minimum of 250μm DFT, achieving a total DFT of 500 – 600μm. The external of the pipe was then coated with Denso Primer D that was roller applied to a 50μm DFT then wrapped with Densopol 80HT Tape with a 55% overlap.