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Korea National Oil Co. Flanges Protected from
Corrosion by Denso Tape System

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationSouth Korea
ClientKorea National Oil Co.
DistributorK-Cotech Co. Ltd.
ProductsDensoclad 40HT™, Densyl KF™ Tape, Densyl™ Mastic, Denso Paste™

Project Details

Engineers at Korea National Oil Co. decided they needed to protect the flanges on underground pipework from corrosion; with this in mind, they asked K-Cotech Co. Ltd for a long-term and cost-effective corrosion prevention solution.

K-Cotech recommended a system from Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd.

After surface preparation of the areas to be protected, a petrolatum primer was applied (Denso Paste), followed by Densyl Mastic which was applied to awkward shapes and to fill voids, in order to create a smooth profile for tape wrapping. Densyl KF Tape was then applied, followed by an outer wrap of Densoclad 40HT to complete the system.

Application was completed with this working procedure, and all KNOC engineers were very satisfied with great result.