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Denso Void Filler Type I Injectable Petrolatum Compound

An injectable petrolatum compound that fills voids and encapsulates pipes and cables.

Denso Void Filler Type I is a specially formulated petrolatum compound for pumping hot or cold to fully fill the space between tendons or cables and ducts where it forms a semi-solid paste that encapsulates the cable. Because air, water and pollutants are excluded from the area, corrosion is prevented. The system is also used for the protection of anchorages.

Non-cracking, lightweight and allowing the easy removal of the protected tendon for inspection or replacement, the Denso Void Filler Type I makes a sensible alternative to traditional cement mortar grout.

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  • Hot or cold-applied
  • Completely fills the void stopping corrosion
  • Non cracking and lightweight
  • A good alternative to traditional cement mortar grout

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