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Shreeji Terminal Pipelines

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationKandla Port, Gujarat, INDIA
Contractor3S Eng.
ClientShreeji Liquid Storage Terminals
ProductsDenso Paste™, Densyl™ Tape & Densoclad 70HT™
DateJune 2018

Project Details

Shreeji Liquid Storage Terminal is an 8-acre oil depot located in one of India’s busiest ports and mainly stores petroleum, chemicals and vegetable oil. The terminal is strategically located with direct connectivity to pipelines within the Port of Kandla.

Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd completed work at the neighbouring Seabridge Terminals in Kandla Port. Shreeji Liquid Storage Terminals were impressed with the works carried out and sought guidance from Winn & Coales to remedy their own corrosion problems on site.

Due to the extremely corrosive environmental conditions within the area, attributed to its coastal location, industrial belt and salt pans, a system consisting of Denso Paste™, Densyl™ Tape and Densoclad 70HT ™ Tape was approved for the in situ wrapping of all pipe specials, bends and joints on site. The system was also selected due to its compatibility with the existing 3LPE main line coatings featured on site.