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BassGas Onshore Pipeline Project

Buried Coatings

Project Data

ClientOrigin Energy
EngineersClough Engineering
ContractorA J Lucas
ProductsPremier Butyl Tape System™

Project Details

After much time and rigorous material testing, Clough Engineering chose and specified Denso’s 3 Ply Premier Butyl Tape System S43/R23, for the girth weld joint coating on the BassGas Onshore Project.

This project involved Denso providing joint protection for a 32km x 10” Ø multi-phase flow pipeline which is carrying domestic gas from the Lang Lang Gas Plant to Pakenham tying into the regional gas grid here in Victoria. Despite an initially “higher” purchase cost to similar alternative coatings, Clough Engineering insisted on using the Denso S43/R23 System to ensure coating integrity is not compromised.

The project was completed with all parties (being Clough Engineering – (Managing Engineers), Origin Energy (owners) and A J Lucas (Contractors) happy with the performance of our product.