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Denso™ Butyl Tape Wrap System

Buried Coatings

Project Data

ProductsDenso Butyl Primer P16 HT™, Denso™ Mastic
Sealing Tape, Denso S43™ Innerwrap and Denso
R23™ Outerwrap
DateMarch 2022

Project Details

Denso South Africa was approached to provide a suitable tape wrap system for long term corrosion prevention on a 1,1km x 762 mm Ø steel pipeline.

The primary use for this pipeline would be to transport water to one of the refining facilities which produces base and performance chemicals in the Vereeniging area.

The Denso™ Butyl Tape Wrap system was the preferred system of choice for the corrosion prevention of the entire pipeline.

The sub-contractor TRD applied the provided products with the assistance of Denso’s technical team.