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Buried Pipeline Coatings

Project Data

LocationBotswana: Pipeline from Gaborone to Palapye
ProductsDenso™ ST 100, Protal 7200™, CPT 1000 Tape™, Densotherm HD, Denso™ Butyl Profiling Mastic
DateJanuary 2023-March 2024


The North-South Carrier (NSC) is a pipeline in Botswana that carries raw water south for a total distance of 360 kilometers (220 mi) to the capital city of Gaborone.

Phase 1 was completed in 2000, of which Denso also supplied the corrosion prevention, and Phase 2 of the NSC is currently under construction and is due to be completed in June 2024. This project required a suitable, cost-effective, easy-to-apply corrosion prevention solution that could withstand the harsh African climate and, with the success from the previous pipeline projects in Botswana, and our relationships with the contractors, Denso were the supplier of choice.

The NSC 2.2 included the internal and external protection of 13 500 welded field joints, air valves, scour valves and bends.

Pipe length: NSC 2.2-253km
Pipe diameter: 1200mmØ

Internal protection:
Denso™ ST 100 applied at 500 microns min DFT

External protection – Liquid Field Joint Coating System consisting of:
Protal 7200™ applied at 600 microns DFT, Denso Primer D™, Denso CPT 1000 Tape™ Innerwrap and Denso CPT 1000 Tape™ Outerwrap applied with a 55% tape overlap.