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Denso Protects Tie Rods in Pakistan Deep Water Container Port

Buried Coatings

Project Data

ClientKarachi Port Trust
ProductsDensopol™ Tape system
DateAugust 2014

Project Details

A Densopol Tape system was used to protect a large number of tie rods (designed with 2 or 3 articulated joints per rod) in the construction of the Pakistan Deep Water Container Port – Quay Wall Construction Project for the Karachi Port Trust.

As part of the tied bored pile quay wall design, the Denso protected tie rods were used to restrain a piled anchor beam that was positioned behind the quay wall. The anchor beam is supported by 1.6m diameter reinforced concrete piles, a design that has proven to have good earthquake resistance.

This project called for a large quantity of Denso materials and the system specified comprised Densopol 60HT Tape, with the large tie rod joints contoured with Densyl Mastic and over-wrapped with Denso PVC Self-Adhesive Tape.