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Denso Protects Water Pipeline in Madinat Salman Bahrain Project

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationMadinat Salman, Bahrain
ProductsDenso Primer D™, Densyl™ Mastic, Densoclad 55HT™ Tape

Project Details

AECOM has been engaged by the Ministry of Housing to provide the masterplanning, detailed design and cost management services for a project in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Madinat Salman (previously known as Al Madina Al Shamaliya) is a group of 10 reclaimed islands situated on the northern coastline of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The islands are located within a twenty-minute drive of Manama city and a ten-minute drive from the Seef District.

Designed primarily as a residential development, it will also boast a mix of lifestyle, commercial and retail outlets to support the community. The overall site covers approximately 750 hectares. Al Madina Al Shamaliya will provide a total of 15,519 dwelling units with the capacity to support a total residential population of 98,935 people.

A Densoclad Tape system was chosen to protect the buried ductile iron water main that serves the new development and all of the pipe lengths were pre-wrapped above ground prior to their installation.

The Densoclad Tape system comprises a coat of Denso Primer D, followed by Densyl Mastic to create a smooth profile over joints etc. Finally a wrap of Densoclad 55HT was applied to the pipe lengths with a 55% overlap forming a double layer wrap.