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Densoband Protects Private Onshore Wind Farm Structure

Sealing & Waterproofing

Project Data

LocationHull, U.K.
ClientPrivate Farm Owner
ContractorCLS Civil Engineering
DateMay 2015

Project Details

In the erection of a land-based wind farm structure on a farm in East Yorkshire, CLS Civils utilied our Densoband 55×8 version to provide an expansion joint seal between the concrete and the steel anchoring in a gap in the channel of the steel ‘anchor plinth’ base section of the turbine’s foundation structure.

The purpose for this application is to prevent cracking on the surface of the concrete base to which the turbine is anchored, which can be caused by temperature differences and vibration arising from any movement of the wind tower itself. It also prevents any debris or gravel entering through the channel and into the basement areas of the structure etc.