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Densoseal 16A Protects Qatar Power Transmission
from Gas Escape & Water Ingress

Sealing & Waterproofing

Project Data

LocationDoha, Qatar
ContractorSiemens Consortium
ProjectQatar Power Transmission System Expansion
ProductDensoseal 16A™
DateMay 2010

Project Details

Densoseal 16A is a self-supporting non-setting mastic which has been developed for sealing cable ducts and conduits against gas or water.

Densoseal 16A was originally designed to satisfy the requirements of British Telecom Specification M212C for Compound 16A over 25 years ago. Thereafter, Densoseal 16A has been successfully utilised on numerous projects around the world including for the Qatar Power Transmission system expansion project.

Densoseal 16A‘s intended use is commonly used in conjunction with PVC and HDPE conduit and has good sealing/adhesion properties to these substrates.