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Ministry of Defence Seeks SeaShield 2000FD Protection

Subsea & Splash Zone Coatings

Project Data

LocationPortsmouth, UK
ContractorVolker Stevin
ClientMinistry of Defence (M.O.D.)
ProductSeaShield 2000FD™ System and SeaShield Inspection Port™
Date2016 - 2017

Project Details

Portsmouth Naval Base selected the SeaShield 2000FD and SeaShield Inspection Port system from Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd as their preferred option for preventing further corrosion on the jetty piles of the Middle Slip Jetty.

The Ministry of Defence-run base, located on the south coast of England, protected 374-piles of their newly upgraded jetty in order to receive the Royal Navy’s newest aircraft carrier: HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The ship is one of the largest and most powerful of a new class of warship and required the Middle Slip Jetty to be improved in order for the ship to be able to dock at the Naval base.

The piles were circular in shape and 509mm, 613mm, 920mm and 1080mm in diameter. Each pile required two 1.26m SeaShield jackets to provide adequate protection.

The client selected there to be a total of 37 SeaShield Inspection Ports to be included with the 2000FD jackets. These Inspection Ports were then positioned over a range of locations across the jetty and over a range of heights over the piles. This will allow the client to monitor the performance of the SeaShield 2000FD System during service. The total number of jackets supplied for the project was 748 and were fitted on site by the contractor, Volker Stevin.