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SeaShield 80 Protection for Jetty Piles

Subsea & Splash Zone Coatings

Project Data

LocationQueensland, Australia
ProductsSeaShield 80™ System
Date August 2008

The Port of Mackay is located in tropical central Queensland; products handled through the Port include raw sugar, refined sugar, molasses, tallow, ethanol, grain, liquid chemicals, fertiliser, iron concentrate and petroleum.

The wharves are supported by steel piling of varying types and sizes; piling on the older wharves were protected by typical marine coating systems while the more recently constructed wharves have piling coated with a factory applied polyethylene material.

Ongoing maintenance was required particularly with the older, painted piles. A decision was made to investigate alternative means of protecting the various types of piling at this location, and after trialling various options the SeaShield 80 System was chosen. This system consisted of petrolatum primer and tape over-wrapped with PVC backed bitumen adhesive tape.