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SeaShield ‘Wood Effect’ Piles Protection System used for Dubai Jetty

Subsea & Splash Zone Coatings

Project Data

LocationDubai, U.A.E.
ClientDubai Yacht Club
ProductsSeaShield 400™ System

A jetty pile protection system was required with a finish to match the surrounding existing timber piles in a high-profile restaurant location at Dubai Yacht Club.

The customer chose the SeaShield 400 System which has wood grain effect jackets that can be customised to match most wood colours. The jackets are actually forms that are positioned around the pile on spacers leaving an annulus which is then filled with grout.

The jackets remain in position permanently to give extra protection against mechanical damage and once the grout has set the whole system forms a robust, protective shield around the pile. The SeaShield 400 System was applied to a total of 52 timber piles in the project.