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Stoneguard™ for Temba Water Treatment Works

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationSouth Africa
ClientTemba Water Treatment Works
ContractorGroup Five
ProductsDenso Stoneguard™
DateJuly 2016

Project Details

One of the most challenging obstacles to overcome when laying a pipeline in an urban environment is to commence work on a daily basis without disrupting the community around you. By using the existing asbestos line as a method of pipe jacking to cross the road, contractors could save costs on the project and lower the impact on the community.

The process includes a minimal amount of plant/labourers and additional material. Wrapping the pipe with Denso Stoneguard from Denso takes a few minutes with three labourers. One mobile crane and two banks men are needed to sling/lift and push the pipe through the existing asbestos line.

1. Unroll the mesh parallel to the pipe that is to be wrapped.
2. Place the mesh below the pipe.
3. Wrap the mesh around the pipe, taking care to ensure that the mesh is fitted snuggly with no sagging.
4. Overlap the edges by 150mm.
5. The mesh can be secured in place using Plastic Strapping or Denso PVC Self-Adhesive Tape.

A great reduction in time and cost to install the Raw Water Pipeline road crossings without disrupting traffic in the community.

– No earthworks (excavation) required
– No need to remove existing asbestos line
– No need to install reinforced casing as per usual pipe-jacking method
– No backfilling, testing of backfilling required
– No reinstatement of the road needed
– No permits for road closures needed, process can be done in half a day

After conducting the first road crossing on the 12-08-2016, contractors were convinced that the method worked. Denso Stoneguard protected the parent coating of the pipe, with no defects or repairs noted. This method will be used for all the road crossings outstanding on the Raw Water Pipeline at Temba.