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The F. B. Coales Charitable Trust and Denso South Africa – Making a difference – Part 1

We often take essentials such as space, toilets and the warmth and protective nature of shelter for granted but in the Northern Drakensberg a valuable contribution by the F. B. Coales Charitable Trust and Denso South Africa who have stepped in, is helping provide these essentials to the small pre-schools that serve the Amazizi community.

Denso South Africa currently supports the Khanyisela Projects in the far reaches of the Northern Drakensberg where work is being done to transform communities through quality education initiatives. The Khanyisela Project’s mission is to provide opportunities where children are stimulated, loved, and developed in their early years, building strong foundations for future learning. The Khanyisela Projects currently works to improve the lives of over 650 pre-school children across a wide, remote area in this area of the beautiful Northern Drakensberg. (References:

Three projects have been agreed upon relating to the buildings and enhancement of the learning environments of the young learners at three separate pre-schools. Over the course of the coming two months or so, these will be completed and, in the next edition we will present the completed projects and the impact they will have.