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The F. B. Coales Charitable Trust and Denso South Africa – Making a difference – Part 2

Further to the F.B Coales Charitable trust and Denso South Africa contributing to three projects mentioned in Part 1 in December 2023, we are delighted to show you the before and after pictures of two of the projects, whilst the third is underway, as well as some snippets from the beneficiaries.

“My name is Alina Hlongwane. I am from here in Zwelisha. I grew up at home with my mother and father. I grew as an only child because all my siblings passed on and I never met them. Growing with parents without ever attending creche is not something that I encourage. There were no creches around, we went to school when we were seven years old to start class 1 (Grade 1). Having never seen a teacher before or charts. Today, the children that attend creche, they are smart.

“We are so thankful to Denso and Khanyisela for building toilets and putting up ceilings. We did not know ceilings growing up because we lived in thatched houses or those with corrugated iron. When it rains the droplets make a loud sound and you cannot hear what the teacher says. …”

“We admire the work done (building of toilets and cleanup of the rubble/debris) because we are very comfortable at home knowing that we won’t get a report that the children were injured while playing because of the rubble. The environment they are in, is perfect.

The toilets have been very helpful, there are three different sizes, so even the two-year-old children are able to use them independently. We are very grateful to Denso and Khanyisela. They have helped us a lot!” – Nomusa Ndlovu