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Water Pipeline Protected on the New Peterhead Quay

Exposed Surface Coatings

Project Data

LocationPeterhead Harbour, Scotland
ClientRJ McLeod
ProductsDenso Paste S105™, Denso™ Tape, Densoclad 50™ Tape, Densyl™ Mastic Strips
DateJuly 2011

Project Details

Westminster Dredging and RJ McLeod were awarded a contract to form a new multi-purpose quay in Peterhead Harbour which will provide a 200 metre long, all weather, deepwater berth.

As part of the scheme, new pipelines which will carry water to a range of vessels using the new quay, were required to be protected from the corrosive marine environment.

To provide the necessary protection. Denso’s stockists – Burdens (of Aberdeen) – supplied RJ McLeod with Denso Paste S105, Denso Tape and due to the harsh environment, an outerwrap of Densoclad 50 Tape.

Densyl Mastic Strips were also used to protect the bearings of the water pumps on top of the 14 piles that the new quay deck is sitting on.

Densoclad 50 Tape’s extremely tough PVC backing combined with polymer bitumen adhesive ensures resistance to impact and the mechanical abrasion likely to be experienced on a working quayside.