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Steelcoat Wind Turbine Base Protection System

Effective corrosion management for wind turbine bases.

The Denso Steelcoat Wind Turbine Base Protection System is a combined tape and liquid coating system designed for the protection of the external base area of wind turbines.

Wind turbine foundations are subject to a multitude of harsh environmental conditions, and risk corrosion due to exposure to wind and salty air (in the case of offshore turbines). The Steelcoat Wind Turbine Base Protection System is designed to protect the base of wind turbines against corrosion and provides effective coverage of the flange and bolts from the elements. The system is modular and designed to be removable in order to facilitate inspection, monitoring, replacement, or re-tensioning of the bolted assembly. This flexibility ensures hassle-free maintenance.

The system encapsulates the circumference of the wind turbine base with a flexible but tough outer armouring which is also highly weather resistant.

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  • Encapsulates the circumference of the turbine base with a tough, highly weather resistant seal
  • System is modular – this flexibility allows it to be maintained easier than other systems
  • Easy to apply with no need for lifting, blast cleaning or other disruption
  • Rapid installation, no delay for curing
  • Long-lasting & cost effective
  • Subject to operating temperatures, the system is suitable for use on onshore and offshore wind turbines

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